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  • 80 to 200 cfm
  • EC Motors
  • Highest capacity ENERGY STAR® certified HRV
  • Advanced damper actuator
  • MERV-13 pleated filter
  • Multiple speed operation
  • 40/20 recirculation/ventilation mode


Fantech’s new Energy Star Qualified VHR200R-EC was specifically designed for residential applications with airflows that range from 80 cfm to 200 cfm. Equipped with top of the line components; such as ECM motors, Advanced damper and MERV-13 filters, the VHR200R-EC stands above the rest. The VHR200R-EC utilizes a MERV-13 pleated filter for the supply air. The MERV-13 filter will filter particles as small as 0.3μm such as: bacteria, droplet nuclei, cooking oil, most smoke and insecticide dust, most face powder, most paint pigments.

How it works

During winter, fresh incoming air is tempered by the heat that is transferred from the outgoing air so you save on energy costs, while during summer, the incoming air is pre-cooled if the house is equipped with an air cooling system. The VHR200R-EC is equipped with a recirculation defrost mechanism so you can use your HRV all year long.

Defrost cycle

The VHR200R-EC incorporates a unique and quiet internal recirculation defrost that does not depressurize the home during the defrost cycle. A preset defrost sequence is activated when the outdoor temperature falls below 23° F (-5° C) and automatically adjusts itself based on operating conditions. The fan speed is also adjusted automatically to provide a smooth and quiet transition between Ventilation & Defrost mode.

Power and efficiency

ECM Motors have built-in integral electronic controls to ensure energy savings no matter what the airflow demands. Reduced energy usage results in lower operating cost. The motors develop less heat so significantly less maintenance is needed and the lifetime of the motor is increased.

The EC motors operate at high efficiency levels and offer a great energy-saving potential not only at full load, but especially at part-load. When operating at part-load, the energy used is much lower than with an AC motor of equivalent output. Reduced energy usage guarantees a drop in operating costs.


  • 10 Years on Compressor
  • 5 Years on Parts
  • One Touch 1 Year Labour
  • 10 Years Compressor, Parts and Labour Available