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Liquid-to-Air Nordic Heat Pumps

The Nordic® Liquid-to-air heat pumps is a water to air heat pump that harvests their heat from deep below the ground, and distributes it throughout the house in the form of hot air. In the summer, these heat pumps reverse the process and cool your home.

Nordic® R Series Water to Air Heat Pumps

Nordic®’s liquid-to-air heat pump is called the R Series. The R Series is a full package active heating and cooling unit. The R Series works with either well water or geothermal ground loops. This water to air heat pump comes with optional domestic hot water and provides hot water in both the heating and cooling modes. The R Series is available in slim horizontal, vertical, and split configurations.

This type of heat pump is commonly used in residential renovation projects when retrofitting from other air duct systems. The R Series is available in all configurations in sizes from 0.75 to 6.5 nominal tons.

R – Residential Manual
R – Residential Brochure
RS – Residential Manual
RH – Residential Brochure


Quick Facts
Distribution Type Forced air
Capabilities Heating, cooling, domestic hot water
Loop Type Open or closed loop
Size 0.75 to 6.5 nominal tons
Configuration Vertical, horizontal, or split system
COP 3.7 – 4.9
Certifications ENERGY STAR, AHRI, CSA, CE
Features & Available Options
  • Domestic hot water desuperheater package. (Not available for R 09-24 or RH 09-24)
  • Turbotec® coaxial heat exchangers, cupro nickel heat exchangers available.
  • Taco® slow closing water valve kit are available for open loop installations.
  • Smallest 5-6 ton footprint in the industry at 24” x 28”.
  • Completely insulated water lines, accumulator and heat exchanger.
  • Oversized evaporator (Ex. A three horsepower heat pump as a five horse power evaporator) so they can achieve very high COP’s even when operated on ground loops with EWT’s as low as 25°F.
The R Series – Horizontal Configuration

water to air heat pump

RH Series

Known as the RH Series, this unit is the horizontal version of the classic vertical R Series. This heat pump has all of the same features as the vertical unit, but is configured horizontally, perfect for basement retrofits where there isn’t enough height to accommodate a regular sized unit.


  • 10 Years on Compressor
  • 5 Years on Parts
  • One Touch 1 Year Labour
  • 10 Years Compressor, Parts and Labour Available